Waterworks And Waste Water

      Waterworks And Waste Water Gate Valve are manufactured and tested in according to AWWA C509, BS5163:2001 A,B, BS 5150 (Size 700 and above),BS EN 1171:2002, BS EN 1074-2 ISO 7259, DIN 3352 PART 2&3, TIS 256 and also meet the requirement of MSS-SP-70 class 125 / 250 ect. Face to Face comply with ANSI B16.10, BS 5163, BS 5150 (Size 700 and above) DIN 3202 F4 & F5, ISO 5752 Series 3 / 14 / 15 / 19 Rated Pressure PN 10, 16, 25, 40. Non rising stem and rising stem OS&Y. Valves are desinged for Vertical, Horizontal and Flat position all types of water, air and steam.


  • IBBM (iron body and bronze mounted), stainless steel trim, and all iron trim is also availible.
  • Valve ends can be flanged or screwed.
  • Flanged drilling to suit ANSI B 16.1, BS EN 1092-2, BS 10, ISO 2531,AS 2129, DIN, JIS, FLANGE ANSI B 16.5 CL.150/CL.300, and etc.
  • Various types of operators such as handwheel, operating nut or cap,chainwheel, spur gear, bevel gear, pneumatic, hydraulic and electric actuator can be provided upon requested.
  • Special accessories like by-pass unit, valve locking device, tapped bosses, drain plug, indicator and limit switches are also available.
  • Coating Fusion Bond Epoxy, WET Epoxy and Polyester.