Tilting Disc Check Valve

      Tilting Disc Check Valve are manufactured and tested in accordance with EN 12334 PN 10/16/25, TIS 383 PN 6/10/16. MSS-SP 71 class 125/250, and also meet the requirements of AWWA C508. Thetilting disc and 2 pieces bodies designed check valve accomplishes full flow opening by having the disc pivot or tilt in the flow media. The opening stroke range in much less than that of the coventional swing check valves, therefore reduces opening and closing time critical to controlling flow reversal and reducing water hammer. he full flow area with lower headloss ensure SCI tilting disc check valve will operate with the highest efficiency and durability.


  • Flange driling to suit ANSI B16.1,EN 1092,BS 10,ANSI B16.5,AS 2129 and JIS.
  • Optional accessories : Signal switch, By-pass, Hydraulic cylinder(top/bottom/side mounted)
  • Coating meet AWWA C210-84 standard for epoxy and Other coating standards are available.
  • Suitable for all type of water, air and steam 121 °C or 250 °F (For higher temperature, consult factory).