Butterfly Valves : Double Flanged Eccentric Valves

      Butterfly valves provide a unique combination of simplicity, durability and reliability. They are low cost, easy to install, ideally suited for open/shut services. It is also suitable for throttling service. The application cover a various range of liquids and gases, including water, natural gas, oils (animal , vegetable and mineral) , dilute acid etc.

      Butterfly Valve are manufactured and tested according to AWWA C504 Class 25 A&B, 75 A&B, 150 A&B, 250 A&B, DIN 3352, BS 5155 and TIS 382, rated pressure to PN 10/16/25,face to face to AWWA C504, DIN 3202 F4, BS EN 593, ISO 5752 Series 14, BS 5155 and TIS 382. Valves can be provided with either Vertical or Horizontal Shafts.

      Standard valves are equipped for manual operation with either lever or gear (worm gear). It can be fitted with hydraulic, electric or pneumatic actuators. Valves can be opened and closed smoothly and flow rate can be controlled by varying the opening position of the disc.


      Rubber seated valves are delicately and properly designed with synthetic rubber to ensure a long service life, and are rated between -20°C to 40°C temperature range. It is suited for bi-directional flow and can be supplied with either single and double eccentric off-set disc.

      The rubber seat ring is mechanically retained by a metal ring secured to the body or disc and is fully adjustable and replaceable without removing the valve from the line.

      The mating seat can be of copper alloy, stainless steel or other materials as required.

Triple Eccentric Metal Seated Butterfly Valve

      SCI has developed triple eccentric butterfly valves for better control and tighter shut-off services especially for applications where resilient seated valves cannot be use due to its limited mechanical and chemical properties.

      Metal seated butterfly valve is suitable for bi-directional services, and temperature range from -50°C to 400°C. Sealing shall be achieved by means of flexible stainless steel seal on disc.