Air & Vacuum Valve

      SCI Air & Vacuum Valve, also called large-orifice air valves, are designed to vent large quantities of air automatically during a liquid piping system filling and to admit large quantities of air automatically when the pressure in the liquid piping system drops below atmospheric pressure.


  • Cast Iron or Ductile Iron construction.
  • Automatic float operated valve has been designed to release accumulated air from piping system.
  • High volume air discharge and air entering.
  • ABS or stainless steel float proven long lasting material.
  • Fast and easy installation.
  • Minimum levels of maintenance and service.
  • Reduce maintenance and servicing to a minimum.

Design specifications

  • Size: 25 mm. to 150 mm. for flanged end.
  • Size: 25 mm. to 100 mm. for screwed end.
  • Working Pressure: 6, 10, 16 Bar
  • Temperature: Up to 70°C or 160°F
  • Shell test: 1.5xPN
  • Seat test: 1.0xPN
  • All international flange connections and screwed end.
  • Polyester UV Protection and other coating are available.