Air Valve

      SCI AIR VALVES have been especially designed to allow the most efficient method of releasing or admitting air during the filling and emptying pipelines or vessels and the release of air accumulating in pipeline during normal working conditions.

Special Features

  • Rubber orifices : Seal from very low to high working pressure ( 0.1-25.0 bar )
  • ABS float : Proven long lasting material. Specific gravity ( 0.75-0.80 )
  • No protruding levers : This features reduce maintenance and servicing to a minimum.
  • No premature closing
  • Standard : Comply with JIS B 2063, TIS 1368, BS EN 1074-4

Small Orifice

  • Automatically releases accumulated air in pipeline.

Large Orifice

  • Automatically releases or admits large volume of air for efficient filling or emptying of pipelines to protect against vacuum or pipeline damage.

Combination And High Speed

  • The combination of small and large orifice becomes a single unit.

Combination With Intergral Isolating Valve

  • The combination of small and large orifice plus integral isolating valve becomes a single unit.

Combination For Waste Water

  • Combination (small and large orifices) air valve, kinetic air/vacuum valve and automatic air release valve for sewage and waste water